Monday, September 6, 2010

Lovemook is Back

It's been a few years since I last posted; actually, exactly two years. It is time for me to restart my blog anew, with some fresh ideas, a new baby girl in addition to my little guy, and some unexpected but welcome free time on my hands.

I'll try to post my knitting and crocheting photos, ideas, techniques and other stories of other creative adventures such as sewing and painting.

This is my latest two creations, baby girl in her baby girl tutu pants. I took a simple pant idea and made it super-girly. The tutu itself might not be as functional as the warmth of the pants on a cold Maine night, but now that I have a baby girl, I can't stop with the girly stuff.

Below is a picture of couple mommy-baby beret pumpkins I knitted last year. I'm thinking of knitting one for my own pumpkin this fall. It was a fast and fun knit. I'll have to recreate the pattern from memory, but it was super easy.