Sunday, September 19, 2010

Busy-busy Weekend

I had a busy week preparing for my daughter's 1st birthday party, finishing some knitting by a deadline and experimenting with a new cake.  This is the sweater and a hat set I made for a friend.  She loved it and I relived my son's babyhood making this sweater.
Baby boy truck sweater set

The truck is actually a pocket.  It's a little primitive looking but I think it achieves that baby boy look :)

Truck applique
The baking was as cute, if not cuter.  I'm so proud of this one even though it's not perfect.  It's my first fondant cake.  I've worked with fondant before for details on the cake, but not actually the entire cake.  I got the inspiration for the look of the ladybug from a fellow blogger Haniela and added the base part of the cake and used the basic recipes for each part of the cake, adding some personal touches to it.  It's marshmallow fondant, strawberry buttercream filling and pound cake.  It was surprisingly delicious - I was afraid the fondant will be too sweet.  The first cake is a bit bumpy but I love it and will be making another fondant cake soon!
I love this ladybug's face
ladybug cake with ladybug strawberries
back of the cake and a little booboo on the green fondant, never had time to fix, oh well.

Test ladybug cake

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Haniela said...

I LOVE IT!!! Awesome