Monday, September 13, 2010

Some Finished Projects

Sweater coat with a rose
A finished coat for my little girl.  I am going to move the flower up a little; it just looks droopy.  There is also a matching bonnet for her.

Baby bonnet and the baby!
Bonnet tassels

I have a few pants I need to finish up and photograph.  Lime green pants for my little guy, they'll probably have a felt monster teeth attached somewhere (probably the butt hehe) and then some knitted baby legs I made her when she was an infant which I adjusted and made into pants.  They are always crawling around and in the winter it gets cold, even with the rug over the hard wood floors. 


Heather said...

Love the jacket and hat set!

Lovemook said...

Thanks, Heather, it's so soft and thick - will keep her warm! I want a set for myself :D